TWI Job Relations

Every leader can be a good leader

Do your leaders face communication, feedback, and poor subordinate performance? Do you expect them to be able to solve problems with subordinates? Do you need them to act as members of management?

TWI JR builds a standard of leadership across the organization and strengthens the skills of operations leaders. It brings systematic solutions to problems with people in the workplace and improves corporate culture as such.

What does the program contain?

  • Understanding the role of the leader in people management
  • A unique combination of training and practical training methods
  • Immediate application of the method in the daily practice of the participants
  • Use of data and facts for successful people management
  • Strengthening skills in communication, feedback, conflict management and prevention
  • Involvement of superiors as coaches
  • Fixing a standard procedure for solving problems with subordinates
  • Methodology licensed by TWI Institute USA
We prepare all programs to suit the client.

Co vám program přinese?

  • Better atmosphere
  • Higher performance
  • Lower fluctuations
  • Head as a model
  • Motivation and cooperation

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