KATA coaching & improvement

By systematically leading people to exceptional results

Do you lack systematic and continuous improvement in your company? Are your project management and action plans not working properly?

Toyota KATA brings systematics in individual steps of improvement. Thanks to interesting experiments and daily KATA coaching, it moves events in the company forward. It ensures and guarantees the improvement of the so-called from the bottom, i.e. directly by people from the operation; It increases not only efficiency, but also motivation and the overall corporate culture built on sharing.

What does the program contain?

  • Continuous systematic improvement
  • PDCA / PDSA cycle
  • Calls based on KPIs
  • Experiments
  • Learning process and system
  • Regular coaching directly in operation
  • Lean production methods in operation
  • Regular communication
  • Shopfloor management
All programs are tailored to the client's needs.

What will the program bring you?

  • Fast and continuous fulfillment of KPIs, goals and challenges
  • Regular experiments
  • Motivation and satisfied teams
  • Efficiency and high quality

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