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  • DMC will celebrate 15th birthday in 2017. A number of events in 2017 are being prepared for our clients. Click HERE for more details.
  • Our clients Olympus Medical Products Přerov and Hartmann-Rico Havlíčkův Brod presented their success in continuous improvement at TWI & Kata Summit in Hamburg. More information will follow.
  • EVENT OF THE YEAR! On November 3, 2016, we launched Czech translation of Toyota Talent book with its co-author, David Meier. We thank all presenters from Robert Bosch, Daido Metal Czech and Silon for their contribution to workshop success and Aramark for partnering in the form of excellent Japanese catering. Press release HERE. Video interview with David Meier HERE.

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TWI (Training Within Industry)

WHAT is TWI (Training Within Industry)?

  • Highly effective training programme implementing basics of Lean production directly in Client´s operation
  • The programme is a part of Toyota Production System (TPS) and navigates employees to TPS method standardisation, implements the method into routine practice and teaches the team leaders to use them in 4 modules:


TWI Institute
  • Job Instruction - for team leaders: how to effectively pass over instructions and train in standard work operations in order to have employees working correctly, safely and thoroughly
  • Job Relations – basics of positive relationships amongst employees, how to improve cooperation with the others, role of team leader, relationships on job site and team cooperation
  • Job Methods - practical use of Lean and other improvement methods in daily practice: module shows how to better use material, machines and human resources
  • Job Safety – additional module concentrating on safety rules as a part of work procedures - analysis of reasons of accidents and injuries at the workplace and leading subordinates to avoid them
  • TWI also offers a module for trainers and lecturers Train The Trainer


WHEN utilise TWI from DMC?

  • You need to implement Lean production
  • You want implement or maintain standardisation
  • You want to prevent operational losses caused by insufficient employee training
  • You want to ensure effective use of all resources


WHY utilise TWI from DMC?

  • DMC is the TWI Institute USA exclusive regional license holder and as the only company in the Central Europe guarantees implementation of all three TWI modules according to standards of TWI Institute USA at our Clients (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, other countries upon request).
  • For companies within Central Europe, we deliver complete TWI training and implementation of selected module - either as an open lesson for any number of participants or in-house delivery at the Client according to his specific requirements and needs.
  • Proven success in the region: Within the last 7 years almost 50 companies implemented the methodology and approx. 2000 employees were trained.


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