TWI Job Methods

Real improvement is happening every day

Are you looking for a way to motivate each individual to improve? How to move from complaints to suggestions for improvement? And common Lean methods don't work?

TWI JM involves the lowest levels of management (champions, team leaders, etc.). It is the ability to identify potential for improvement where we do not see it at first glance. TWI JM teaches a system of the right questions for every detail of an improved process / operation, involving those who live in the process.

What does the program contain?

  • Improving working methods brings more quality output in less time, using the resources we currently have at our disposal
  • Understanding the role of the leader in improving processes and activities
  • A unique combination of training and practical training methods
  • Immediate application of the method in the daily practice of the participants
  • Activity analysis, identification of potential for improvement, suggestions for improvement
  • Also suitable for SMED, Waste and 5S methodology training
  • Methodology licensed by TWI Institute USA
We prepare all programs to suit the client.

Co vám program přinese?

  • Continuous improvement as a daily routine
  • Higher motivation of people for improvement
  • Shift analysis of activities from technical to executive professions
  • Improving cooperation between different professions

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