DMC management consulting

Politika kvality

DMC management consulting s.r.o. prides itself on being a reliable and sought-after consulting firm in the field of human resources management.


The long-term and permanent goal of DMC management consulting sro is to provide quality services,
which will fully satisfy a wide range of our customers with an emphasis on the quality and quality of services provided. We want to continue to keep the good name of our organization, which we have gained through our expertise and quality of service, constantly in the awareness of our customers.


The Company is convinced that ethical and honest conduct is the basis of good relations within the company and towards our clients. In order for the company’s intentions to be realized, it is necessary to recruit all collaborators for the quality policy and thus build a corporate culture in the spirit of openness, honest dealing and fair play. Therefore, the task of each employee is to perform their work in impeccable quality, without defects and to comply with the principles of professional behavior of DMC management consulting s.r.o.


Since the establishment of DMC management consulting s.r.o. in 2002, we have been carefully paying attention to quality compliance and we want to continue in this set trend and create all the prerequisites for the established quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.In the coming years, we aim to successfully defend and continuously improve this already high level of our work and quality.


These existing activities and goals oblige us not only to continuously promote a high level of quality of our processes and services, but also to ensure care for the environment, occupational health and safety, compliance with legislation and ensuring perspective and interesting work for our employees.

Certifikát ISO 2022