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  • DMC will celebrate 15th birthday in 2017. A number of events in 2017 are being prepared for our clients. Click HERE for more details.
  • Our clients Olympus Medical Products Přerov and Hartmann-Rico Havlíčkův Brod presented their success in continuous improvement at TWI & Kata Summit in Hamburg. More information will follow.
  • EVENT OF THE YEAR! On November 3, 2016, we launched Czech translation of Toyota Talent book with its co-author, David Meier. We thank all presenters from Robert Bosch, Daido Metal Czech and Silon for their contribution to workshop success and Aramark for partnering in the form of excellent Japanese catering. Press release HERE. Video interview with David Meier HERE.

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Our People



Jitka Tejnorová

Company Partner, Manager of Education and Consultancy Projects.

Since 2002 she is co-owner of the DMC management consulting company. Jitka has been active in HR area since 1994.  She worked as HR Manager of PPF, a.s., and Member of Board of Directors of Home Credit company. Jitka graduated secondary school and extension courses focused on subjacent psychology, and is trained for lecturing job.



Markéta Šimáková

Company Partner, Executive Director.

Markéta graduated Sociology and Psychology College. Currently she is studying Andragogics and HR Management at Philosophical Faculty of Charles’ University.  She works since 1997 in HR consultancy. From 2002 Markéta is a co-owner of DMC management consulting, s.r.o., (formerly Dreyer) and she still remains working on specialised outsourcing of HR services. Markéta managed take-offs of „green field“ projects as well as other outsourcing projects in production sphere.



Daniela Rožánková

Daniela is a lecturer focused especially on presentation skills, communication, motivation and people leadership.

Daniela has been active in the marketing area since 1996, working in DMC management consulting, s.r.o. from February 2008. Between 1999 and 2007 she worked for Areté Commerce Group, s.r.o., starting in position of team building activities and foreign expeditions specialist and then continued as a chief of marketing department. In DMC management consulting Daniela concentrates especially on the area of media campaign and mass communication and has experience in managing projects focused on team building, marketing activities and satisfaction surveys. She has also experience in consulting projects and HR services outsourcing (HR Manager, Training Manager etc.). Daniela graduated Social and Mass Communication at J. A. Komenský University in Prague with Master degree.



Ivana Rozehnalová

Consultant oriented on process implementation in the HR management and recruitment of new employees.

She has been with DMC management consulting since beginning of her professional carrier in 2004. Ivana has experience in HR, recruitment of managerial and engineering positions or mass blue collar recruitment through Assessment Centre. Ivana graduated Economic Faculty of West Bohemian University in Plzeň with specialisation on strategic company management with an engineer degree.  



Petra Sonnenscheinová

Petra is a consultant focused on process implementation in HR management area and recruitment of new employees.

She has been working for DMC since 2011 as a consultant. Petra is active in the area of HR 9 years and has experience from general HR, recruitment of all levels (from blue collars to top management), implementation of HR processes and application of Labour Code. Petra graduated in Marketing & Management at Silesian University in Karviná in 2008 with Engineer degree.



Jiřina Ledvinová - externí lektor

Jiřina is an experienced consultant in HR management.

She acted as HR Manager in TRW Autoelektronika and HR Manager Central Europe East in Heidelberger Zement. Jiřina has a wide experience especially with practical creation of HR systems, application of Labour Code, creation of motivation systems in production companies and HR department management. Jiřina graduated clinical psychology and achieved PhDr. diploma.



Petr Kuthan - externí lektor

Petr has been working for DMC management consulting since 2009 as an external lecturer and consultant. He works in the training of Lean management 6 years. From 2004 Petr worked as an internal lecturer of Lean Management in Bosch Production System in České Budějovice.



Iva Berná - externí lektor

Iva is a lecturer and consultant specialised on marketing and communication, active in marketing since 1995.

Iva worked as a Brand  Manager  in  R.    J.   Reynolds  Tobacco,  Marketing Manager in Boots Healthcare Czech Republic, Market Development Manager Central and Eastern Europe Boots Healthcare International and as a Head of Market Segment in T-Mobile Czech Republic. From 2007 she acts as an independent consultant of marketing projects and lecturer of trainings concentrated on brand and marketing management.


Magdaléna Gracerová Chrzová - externí lektor

Magdaléna graduated dramatic art at Prague academy and dramatic education at DAMU. She conducts pedagogic activities since 1996, currently at DAMU and University of J. A. Komenský. Magdaléna’s devotes resources in long term in presentation cultivation in both state and commercial sphere.


Josef Šimák

Josef is an experienced consultant in the area of management of production companies. He is working for DMC management  consulting s.r.o. from 2002. Before that he has been working as a Chief Technologist in TAPA company and 14 years as a Director in Koh-i-noor, a.s.  Josef was a board member in Koh-i-noor, a.s. and Dermacol, a.s., now he is amongst others helping with management in non-profit organisation  Kaňka where he participated on foundation and operation of social programme not only for disabled children and youth. Josef graduated Machine and Electrotechnical University in Plzeň where he achieved engineer degree in machinery.





Iva Krištoufková

Sales Assistant for open trainings. Iva graduated Economics University with engineer degree. After that she worked 7 years as an independent business assistant. For two years Iva worked on project of international development cooperation. Iva works in DMC management consulting since 2010.