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  • DMC will celebrate 15th birthday in 2017. A number of events in 2017 are being prepared for our clients. Click HERE for more details.
  • Our clients Olympus Medical Products Přerov and Hartmann-Rico Havlíčkův Brod presented their success in continuous improvement at TWI & Kata Summit in Hamburg. More information will follow.
  • EVENT OF THE YEAR! On November 3, 2016, we launched Czech translation of Toyota Talent book with its co-author, David Meier. We thank all presenters from Robert Bosch, Daido Metal Czech and Silon for their contribution to workshop success and Aramark for partnering in the form of excellent Japanese catering. Press release HERE. Video interview with David Meier HERE.

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Home News TWI training method introduced for the second time at TWI Summit in the Czech Republic

TWI training method introduced for the second time at TWI Summit in the Czech Republic 

Published December 22, 2010 at

TWI Summit was organized by consultancy company DMC management consulting already second time in this year in Brno Holiday Inn hotel, introducing highly effective TWI (Training Within Industry) training method. This method implements basic lean standards directly on client's site. Mr. Pavel Kroupa from LEGO company shared his own experience from the project as one from few certified TWI trainers in the Czech Republic. The was attended by representatives of various Czech companies and media.

"Implementation of narrow production, work productivity management and minimizing expenses are currently on of key steps for company effectiveness increase," says Markéta Šimáková, DMC management consulting Partner and Executive Director, and adds: "TWI method changes the way of employees' thinking, cuts wasting and concentrates on standardized activities. It solves causes of problems, does not 'extinguish the fire'. The training in a structured form creates conditions for a stable process."

The TWI method becomes a part of company life, part of employees' thinking and management decision-making. The method includes three key modules – Job Instruction (JI), Job Relations (JR) and Job Methods (JM) – and one upgrade module – Job Safety. The whole TWI program is a part of Toyota Production System (TPS) and leads the employees to standardization of TPS methods, implements them into ordinary practice and teaches the team leaders to utilize them.

Job Instructions module teaches how to pass over instructions and train new employees in operation effectively. In Job Relations module a role of team leader, relationships at the job site and team cooperation are emphasized. The objective of Job Methods module is practical utilization of Lean and other improvement methods in ordinary practice. Further module Job Safety incorporates safety rules into a part of work processes. TWI also offers a module for trainers and lecturers Train The Trainer.

„All three TWI modules work together as a three-feet stool – if you dismantle one, the stool would fall down," says Markéta Šimáková.

At the beginning of the training Pavel Kroupa from LEGO company showed the participants a part of JI training briefing and then during the whole course of the Summit answered participants' questions related mainly to his practical experience and presented pilot project. During the afternoon session DMC Partner Markéta Šimáková introduced the remaining Job Relations and Job Methods modules through a short „tasting" from practical games and preview of tasks solved during the trainings.

DMC management consulting established a close cooperation with TWI Institute already at the end of 2009. Currently the DMC lecturers are trained in Job instruction and Job Relations modules and are shaping up for last module Job Methods training. Further presentations of TWI methodology for clients in the Czech Republic are being prepared for 2011.