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  • DMC will celebrate 15th birthday in 2017. A number of events in 2017 are being prepared for our clients. Click HERE for more details.
  • Our clients Olympus Medical Products Přerov and Hartmann-Rico Havlíčkův Brod presented their success in continuous improvement at TWI & Kata Summit in Hamburg. More information will follow.
  • EVENT OF THE YEAR! On November 3, 2016, we launched Czech translation of Toyota Talent book with its co-author, David Meier. We thank all presenters from Robert Bosch, Daido Metal Czech and Silon for their contribution to workshop success and Aramark for partnering in the form of excellent Japanese catering. Press release HERE. Video interview with David Meier HERE.

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Civil Association Kaňka, o.s.



Develop children´s abilities from babyhood regardless of their health state or social situation. Provide help, advice and care to children and youth with handicap as well as to their families.


Kaňka centre offers:

  • Social services registered at South Bohemia regional authority in České Budějovice  

- Social welfare institution
- Premature care
- Personal assistance

In the frame of social services provided music therapy, art therapy, ergo therapy, canistherapy, rehabilitation, pre-speech and speech education and special pedagogic advisory is provided.

  • Integrated leisure time activities from 1 year of age
  • Sport and rehabilitation stays



  • enforce integration of disabled children and youth from the earliest age
  • within leisure time activities develop kids personality from the earliest age
  • found a complex rehabilitation centre for disabled kids and youth currently missing in Tábor
  • cooperate with local institutions taking care of children and youth, develop cooperation with specialised health facilities within the region as well as in the whole country
  • fill outcomes of Community Plan of Tábor city in the area of social services


Občanské sdružení volnočasových a terapeutických aktivit, Kaňka o.s. a Základní škola Kaňka o.p.s.
Helsinská 2731, 390 05 Tábor, Telephone: 381 212 872, Mail:,

Kaňka o.s.: IČO: 26598931, Account No.: 179177171 / 0300
ZŠ Kaňka o.p.s.: IČO: 28090080, Account No.: 227735925 / 0300

Director of Kaňka Centrum and School Director:
Mgr. Irena Lintnerová, Tel: 602 250 671,