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  • DMC will celebrate 15th birthday in 2017. A number of events in 2017 are being prepared for our clients. Click HERE for more details.
  • Our clients Olympus Medical Products Přerov and Hartmann-Rico Havlíčkův Brod presented their success in continuous improvement at TWI & Kata Summit in Hamburg. More information will follow.
  • EVENT OF THE YEAR! On November 3, 2016, we launched Czech translation of Toyota Talent book with its co-author, David Meier. We thank all presenters from Robert Bosch, Daido Metal Czech and Silon for their contribution to workshop success and Aramark for partnering in the form of excellent Japanese catering. Press release HERE. Video interview with David Meier HERE.

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Grant Management

WHAT is Grant Management?

  • Management of projects supported from ESF resources
  • Consulting and implementation services in the area of grant projects in the area of human resources development
  • Analysis of education needs in your company
  • Processing of project appeal - employee education schedule, description of key activities, preparation of budget for education of particular target groups
  • Project management with emphasis on fulfilling obligatory administrative requirements
  • Elaboration of communication strategy of the project within your company
  • Regular project conclusion with emphasis on requirements set in conditions of the grant conferment and its publicity 


WHEN utilise Grant Management from DMC?

  • Lack of own experience or capacity to process the grant appeal
  • Lack of own resources to ensure smooth management of the conferred grant project


WHY utilise Grant Management from DMC?

  • We ensure professional supervision on project implementation - fulfilment of training plan, keeping rules stated in conditions of the grant conferment and project publicity
  • We will set up evaluation system - feedback to training participants and education programmes suppliers, evaluation of training effectiveness
  • We will propose further human resources development in the company in relation to grant project
  • We will create complex concept of employee education in your company
  • We will manage supervision of an independent person on the project implementation