About us, how we work and what we stand for

How we work or an honest approach in the first place.

Our approach is based on partnership with the client, knowledge of his needs, selection of the right tools and intensive cooperation throughout the project. Our consultants become part of the company during the project.


How does the project work?


Client needs analysis

We will discuss your wishes, needs and goals in a personal meeting. We want to understand them.


Tailor-made solution design

We will design the best combination of tools and procedures to achieve your goals.


We make changes together

We work with your people according to the set program. We report on an ongoing basis.


We bring a visible result

Thanks to the careful setting of goals, we know when we have achieved them together.


Evaluation - data and facts

During each project, you will receive important information from us to determine the next steps.


Identification of other opportunities

There is always room for improvement. Every goal achieved opens up new opportunities.

Everyone has a team
but we have a super team!

Our team members are united by a passion for people, high expertise and the ability to build great relationships with our great clients. We like to learn new things and we always love to be one step ahead.


Markéta Šimáková

Partner & TWI Master Trainer

Jitka Tejnorová

Partner & TWI Master Trainer

Iva Berná

Senior Consultant & TWI Trainer

Jiřina Ledvinová

External Consultant & TWI Trainer

Bozena Maria Kacikova-Zaczek

Consultant & TWI Trainer

Petr Stepan

Consultant & TWI Trainer

Imrich Papp

Consultant, Branch Manager & TWI Trainer

Lucie Tichavová

Marketing & Business Development

Tanita Tejnorová

Office Assistant

Sabina Dvořáková

Office Assistant

How did time go in DMC?Important milestones in our history


20 years of the company's existence

... we celebrate and move on!

HR Change online conference

... we bring a new perspective on the future of HR

Creating online versions of DMC educational programs

... not even covid stopped us :)

Study Tour Japan

... inspiration in the cradle of the Toyota Production System

Publication of the Czech translation Toyota Kata & conference with Kata master coach Brandon Brown

... in the Czech Republic we present Kata's approach to coaching and improvement

Publication of the Czech translation Toyota Talent & conference with author David Meier

... we bring you a comprehensive program for the development of companies and people according to the Toyota Production System

Establishment of the TWI Institute Central Europe

... we are expanding the scope of the TWI Institute: Hungary, Poland, ex-Yugoslavia

Publication of the Czech translation of HR Outside In

... we are pioneers of HR business partnering on the Czech market

Obtaining a Training Within Industry license

... we have taken the first step towards the availability of TPS methods in the Czech Republic

Education of masters in the Czech Republic

... we have created the first comprehensive training program with elements of the Toyota Production System (TPS)

TPCA Kolín - recruitment outsourcing

... we were part of one of the first big greenfield projects in the Czech Republic

Company Formation

"The beginnings of all things are small." - Marcus Aurelius

We support those of us
who were less fortunate in life


Kaňka ops

The Kaňka z Tábora Center has been providing comprehensive care for children with disabilities and their families since 2002: Personal Assistance, Day Care, Early Care, Therapy, Special Kindergartens, Elementary Schools and Integrated Leisure Activities. All these activities take place under one roof, are interconnected and follow each other. Our goal is to improve the health status of handicapped children and youth, their upbringing and education. Last but not least, the support of their entire family, which is heavily burdened. Their mission is: "To provide care that uses all available social, therapeutic and educational resources to improve the lives of children, youth and adults with disabilities and their integration into society."

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